Damiano Carrara

Damiano Carrara was born in 1985 in Lucca, Tuscany, in a small village called Sant’Angelo in Campo in the Italian countryside. Growing up, Damiano developed an interest in the restaurant world and, at a young age, began his career in his own town, bartending in a place called Happy Days. From there, he moved to Dublin, Ireland, where he continued working as a bartender and learned new techniques. One year later, he moved back to Italy where he began his professional bartending training with AIBES (Italian Bartender Association) and eventually graduated with a mixology certicate. Shortly after, he started training as a flair bartender, spending half-days training for competition. Flair bartending is the exciting juggling of bartending tools to entertain customers. Soon, Damiano was competing in such cities as Switzerland, Paris, Florence, and Milano. While he was working as a bartender during this time, he also taught flair bartending in Pontedera, Pisa. He then joined the FBA (Flair Bartenders’ Association) and decided to move to America. Damiano’s first job in the United States was at an Italian restaurant, Cafe Firenze, working as a bartender, and he competed in flair bartending competitions in Arizona, Las Vegas, and San Diego, winning multiple awards, including World Finalist, Kahunaville Island Restaurant, Treasure Island Hotel and Casino, Las Vegas; third place, Firestarter Competition; first place, Jim Beam competition, Las Vegas; first place, San Diego competition; and World finalist, Paris Flair Open. Taking the opportunity to grow, Damiano started managing Café Firenze, as well. During this period, he decided to start his own business with his brother, Massimiliano. In 2011, after five years of hard work, he opened Carrara Pastries in Moorpark, California, that specializes in Italian pastries, coffee, gelato, panini, wine, beer and so much more. After positive feedback from press and media, the success of the first store led to the opening of Carrara Pastries in Agoura Hills, California, in 2013. In 2015, Damiano participated in the Food Network’s Spring Baking Championship television show where he made it to the final round with extremely favorable public response.  He has since appeared on a number of network shows with cooking demos. He was the winner of Cutthroat Kitchen Season 11 Episode Chocotage XXL. He was a special guest on Spring Baking Championship Season 2. Damiano was the top 3 finalist on Food Network Star Season 12.  He was the judge on Halloween Baking Championship October 2016, and it currently filming for other shows set to release at the end of 2016 and into 2017.


Massimiliano Carrara

Massimiliano Carrara was born in 1987 and is the brother of Damiano. The Carrara Pastries pastry chef,  Massimiliano,  is a native from the city of Lucca, Tuscany, and is renowned in his country after graduating from the Italian Academy of Master Pastry Chefs in the Italian town of Rimini. He has practiced his passion for cake creations for over 14 years and has perfected the arts of both chocolate sculpting and sugar-pulling techniques. He recently guest starred in an episode of Food Network Star Season 12, and teaches cooking classes at Carrara Pastries.

About Carrara Kitchen

Carrara Kitchen is for the cooking enthusiast and those passionate about great food made with the best ingredients. Chef Damiano and Chef Massimiliano Carrara, natives of Lucca, Italy started this school to share techniques, tips, and their years of expertise to any home or professional cook looking for an opportunity to enhance their skills. Chef Damiano and Chef Massimiliano's expertise in the kitchen far surpasses just pastries, Carrara Kitchen offers a multitude of classes:

Italian Cooking: 

Offers family and traditional Italian recipes such as fresh pasta, pizza, bread, salads, appetizers, soups, and more.

Italian Pastries And Cakes: 

From classic spongecakes and cookies to tiramisu and pate á choux, learn how to make the best desserts in the world.

Chocolate Classes: 

Learn how to make chocolate truffles, chocolate art, and more.

Coffee Classes: 

Learn the proper way to use an espresso machine and grinder. The techniques to achieve the perfect espresso shot, creamy latte, or frothy cappuccino. All finished with beautiful latte art.

Private Classes:

Maybe you're celebrating a birthday or anniversary, or maybe you are a professional chef wanting to improve your skills. Either way, this is the best way to get one-on-one with Chef Damiano and Chef Massimiliano. Be able to choose the class menu, ask Damiano about his experiences on Food Network, or ask any questions you may have. This is sure to be an experience you will not soon forget.

Kids Classes:

Do your kids love being in the kitchen? Let their inner chef shine by learning the skills and recipes from professional chefs. Classes range from pasta and pizza, to cream puffs and gelato!

Professional Courses: 

You do not need to pay for a plane ticket to Italy, the expertise in Italian food as come to you. If you are looking to join the culinary world, or are a chef looking to hone your craft, these professional courses are for you. Learn techniques taught by world champion chefs, and skills needed to work in a professional kitchen. Professional courses include; pastries, cakes, gelato, cooking, baking, chocolate, sugar art, and more.